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Book: The Goldficnh
Author: Donna Tartt
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, 2013
Pages: 771
Rating: ***/5 Stars

Theodore Decker is just a boy when he is a victim of a terrorist attack on a museum in New York. Losing his mother in the attack, Theo's life becomes wrapped around a painting titled The Goldfinch. Moving from New York to Las Vegas and then back to New York, Theo has many adventures with varying characters, some are part of high society New York and others are part of the underground crime world.

The allure of the painting and where it leads Theo is the real mystery to this book.


The Goldfinch is a tomb filled with interesting characters, some more likable than others. Hobie, a person who restores furniture, is my favourite character as he shows Theo compassion and kindness.

Upon the beginning of this novel, I thought it was a coming of age book where the character learns from his struggles but I was wrong. Theo's life is one crazy instance after another and with only one or two constant people in his life, he hardly has any direction.

Theo's character is interesting as he very much believes in right and wrong. His mother represents rightness to him whereas his father represented everything that was wrong in his childhood. As a young man, this struggle of his belief in right and wrong and how the two are not mutually exclusive lead him into many instances where he is in the wrong.

For example, he is in love with a girl who completed him but the two were never together. Theo chooses to pursue her while being engaged to another woman. While the two are right together, Theo goes about it all in the wrong way.

This novel was lengthy and there were several different plots to the novel. Some friends of mine thought the ending showed that there was no point to all of his struggles but what I got from the book was that Theo had to learn that his belief in right and wrong being two mutually exclusive things was never true and that sometimes you had to wrong things to to the right point.

I give this novel 3/5 stars mainly because I didn't think it needed to be too long. The parts about high society New York were irrelevant in many cases.

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