Saturday, July 19, 2014


Book: Orange is the New Black
Author: Piper Kerman
Publisher: Spiegal & Grau
Rating: ****/5 stars

Upon graduating college Piper begins a relationship with a girl named Nora who is involved in drug trafficking. Before Piper knows it, she is participating in illegal activities. When Piper finally gets out of the relationship she starts anew and begins a good life with a guy named Larry. Years later she is contacted by authorities and goes through court proceedings before being sentenced to just over a year in prison. Piper writes a true story of her time in prison, the people she meets, and the lessons she learns.


Orange is the New Black is one of a few non-fictional memoirs I have read and I have to say it was enjoyable. Piper wrote about prison in a very realistic way in which the reader doesn't constantly think "Oh poor you" about the main character.

Piper Kerman does come across as very privileged in comparison to her other inmates and her experience is probably not like that of most people in prison but she does a good job of telling the reader about the conditions of prison. How the GED program was cancelled for a bit and when it was reinstated, the people who completed the program were very enthusiastic as it was a huge accomplishment for them.

I also thought when Kerman wrote about the lack of resources for inmates who are preparing for the real world when they leave. The point of prison is to prevent crimes but when there are a lack of resources available to the inmates, when they leave they are likely to go back and end up in the same situation. While Piper had an education and was well networked, she mentioned that many of her peers had no work records and could not look for work while in prison because they did not have access to computers.

I think Orange is the New Black showed me that in prison the inmates aren't just sitting in sells (unless you are in solitary confinement) but you are working and communicating with other people. Overall, I would give Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman ****/5 stars.

Have you read Orange is the New Black? If so, did you like the book? Have you seen the Netflix adaptation?


Friday, July 11, 2014


Book: Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6)
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Razorbill
Rating: ****/5 Stars

In the final installment of the Vampire Academy series, Rose is put into danger at ever increasing odds. She is put on trial, locked away in prison, escapes, hides out with a bunch of vampire hippies living in the forest, finds a lost princess, and ties all the loose ends together.

Last Sacrifice, to me, felt like it was too good of an ending. While it was action packed and there was a great smutty scene to make us all woo over the loving couple, it just felt too perfect. Lissa and Rose remain best friends and Dimitri is back in everyone's good books.

When Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney go to seek safety with the Moroi, Dhampirs and humans that live in the forest I felt like these people came out of nowhere. Here we are ending a book and this entire group of people that live a totally different lifestyle to the one that Rose lives are being introduced to us. I am not sure if they will reappear in the spin-off series Bloodlines but I want to know more about them.

Rose's dad, Abe was amazing in this novel. Showing absolute faith in his daughter despite only knowing her for a couple of months. Abe's unconditional love for Rose was very nice to see and his flirtations with other women were quite funny to read.

I was very surprised about Jailbait and who she was. I am excited to continue on that plot line with Bloodlines which I just picked up. I also think the only person who didn't get a good ending was Adrian and I hope he reappears in Bloodlines with a better life for himself.

Overall, I give Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6) 4/5 stars. Everything I wanted to happen happened but I thought some of the plot lines were random and may be leading into the new book series which I didn't like when I was reading the ending of one series.

Have you read the Vampire Academy series? If so did you like it? I haven't seen the movie but I heard it wasn't great.

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