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Book Title: The Beginning of Everything
Author: Robyn Schneider
Publisher: Katherine Teggen, 2013
Rating: ***/5 Stars

Ezra was popular until his girlfriend cheated on him and he ended up in a car accident, leaving him injured. Ezra realized his friends were not true friends because they never visited him over the summer while he recovered. Now, starting his senior year, Ezra doesn't know where he fits. He can't play tennis anymore and he doesn't feel comfortable around his old group of friends so he begins hanging around his childhood friend, Toby.

Not to mention, the new girl, Cassidy. who was famous for her debating style at her old boarding school and now trains Ezra for the debate team meet that Ezra accidentally signs Cassidy up for. Cassidy hides her past and when she realizes that her past and Ezra's past meet up, things become complicated. Will Ezra find his new place in this world where he doesn't play tennis and will he find out more about Cassidy? 

Book Review:

I first picked this book up because Hayley Hoover was reading it as apart of the Answerly Book Club From the synopsis, I was pretty much intrigued about the book. I really like coming of ages stories. I thought that Ezra's character was deep in many parts of the book but so shallow in others (he had his mother's old books under his bed, unread, and then chose to put them up on a shelf despite knowing he wouldn't read them). Ezra also underestimated his classmates and how they viewed him after the accident.

I did not like how this book played on high school stereotypes. There are always popular people but they are popular because people like them, not because they are on the tennis team. There are also always going to be mean people (who somehow become popular) but high school social groups are not as rigid as the author made them seem. I felt like the social groups were blown out of proportion and at times, I felt like I was reading a book parodying The OC.

I felt like Cassidy's character was almost in the way of being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl and I still didn't like the ending her character had in the story. While she overcame obstacles, the reader was unaware of them until very late in the book.

I give The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider 3//5 stars. I liked it but not enough to recommend it to anyone looking for a YA contemporary novel.

Have you read The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider? If so, what did you think about the book?

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