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Book: Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) 
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Razorbill, 2008
Pages: 327
Rating: ***/5 stars

Favourite Quote:

“You can't force love, I realized. It's there or it isn't. If it's not there, you've got to be able to admit it. If it is there, you've got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love.” 
― Richelle MeadFrostbite


Rose continues on at St. Vladimirs as a student and a future guardian for her best friend Lissa (Rose can also read into Lissa's thoughts). Rose is a Dhampir (part Moroi, a mortal vampire, and part human) and Lissa is a Moroi. Rose continues to have a crush on her instructor Dimitri who is older than she is and will also be Lissa's guardian once they graduate the academy. Dimitri has a new love interest and Rose tries to find love with her friend Mason all the while, one of the royal Dhampirs, Adrian, flirts with her. With new threats from the Strigoi (immortal vampires), ideas are put into question about how to better protect the Moroi and Mason wants to go out and fight the Strigoi. Will Rose end up with who she truly loves and will the threats from the Strigoi be solved?


Rose's character continues to surprise me and the more and more I read of her, the more I like her. She has a fierce loyalty to her best friend Lissa and has a lot of respect for Dimitri, her instructor. I also like how she is unafraid to said what she feels and is honest most of the time.

I also really liked how Mason was when Rose was drunk. He never took advantage of her and when they were finally together and Rose wanted to put a stop to it, he didn't push further, he respected her.

What I did not like about this book (and the first book in the series as well) is the underage romance between Rose and Dimitri. I love Rose and Dimitri but I don't like that she is underage and he is her instructor. As a teacher myself, I could never condone such a relationship. When relationships between instructors and their students (Pretty Little Liars as well) are portrayed in books and television it blurs the lines between what is right and what is wrong. To this day I have friends who argue with me that there was nothing wrong with Ezra and Aria's relationship (Pretty Little Liars) and I just want to shake them. I know Rose will be of age soon and that they don't have much time before they will both be guardians for Lissa but at the same time, a relationship like that could ruin careers and lives in the real world.

Besides my rant on student-instructor relationships, I loved this book. I find Dimitri to be so interesting and I want to know more about him. I would also like to know more about Adrian (who is also much older than Rose) and I can't wait to see what more can happen with the magic that Christian, Lissa, Mia, and Tasha have been practicing.

Overall, I give this book 3/5 stars mainly because of the underage relationships. I loved the story and how strong of a character Rose is and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Have you read Frostbite by Richelle Mead? What are your thoughts on student-instructor relationships?

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