Sunday, December 29, 2013

My New Years Bookish Resolutions

Hello fellow readers,

As 2013 ends and a new year begins, it is time to bring out the resolutions. I love New Years because it gives everyone a fresh start to try new things or become better at what they love to do. This New Years I am lucky because I don't have school to get in the way of any of my resolutions because I have graduated and now have more time to spend on what I love to do.

What do I love to do. you ask? I love reading (can you tell?) and so I made up a few bookish resolutions for the year 2014 and I explain each of them below.

Don't mind the Super Woman sticker, I thought it was a little encouragement for me to complete each of these resolutions.

1. Read more middle grade books:
The reason I want to read more middle grade books is because I work with children in that age group but I have a limited number of books to recommend them. I can hardly remember the books I read during those years (which is saying something because I usually have a good memory) and I usually just recommend Harry Potter or Roald Dahl books. This year I want to become more acquainted with middle grade books (both Canadian and international) so I can recommend them to my students.

2. Write a review for each book I read.
Since starting this blog I have always wanted to review more books. I read a lot and I don't have many friends who read the same books as I do (or read very much at all) so I can't discuss books with them. I want this blog to be that outlet for me, where I write reviews and people share their opinions and I do the same on their blogs. This resolution may be the most difficult for me but I am up for the challenge.

3. Read 50 books this year.
Every year I put this as a new years resolution and every year I fail. I am hoping that not being in school will help me pursue this resolution more because I will have more time to read the books I love. Also, being apart of the book blogging community may help inspire me more to keep reading.

4. Visit and support more independent bookshops.
If there is one place you want to take me that will make me unbelievably happy, it would be a bookstore. An older bookstore with wooden shelves that are ageing, workers who care about books and reading, and comfortable squishy chairs to sit and read books in. Sadly, in the city I live in, there are no independent bookstores (just Chapters) but some Christian bookstores here and there. Luckily for me, I live just outside of Toronto and I visit the city a handful of times a year and Toronto has an ABUNDANCE of independent bookstores. I went in to one particular bookstore on my way to the Distillery District and I didn't want to leave. So I would like to make it a point to visit more and support them (by purchasing a book or two).

5. Utilize the public library more.
If bookstores are my favourite place, libraries are a close second. In particular, the children's section of a library just makes me feel so enchanted and inspired to read all of the stories. The staff who work at libraries are so knowledgeable and helpful as well, you are surrounded by people who also love reading. Another incentive to utilize the library more is that the books you borrow are free which will save me some money here and there.

That concludes my New Years Bookish  Resolutions for 2014. My non-book related resolution is to drink more water (which may also get me out of the habit of drinking Coke/Pepsi all the time). What are your book/non-book related New Years Resolutions? If you don't have any, why not?

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, I am looking forward to mine.

Happy Reading,


  1. I too want to start using my public library more! It seems I only use the library from home for borrowing e-books and audiobooks, which is silly since I prefer reading hardcopies. There's only one book store close to where I live (B&N) so visiting more independent book stores would be a little difficult for me, though it does sound amazing!

  2. You just reminded me to set up my eReader with my public library, something I have failed to do. It is a shame how few independent bookstores there are. I have to travel to the city to get to any.
    Thank-you for being my first follower on Bloglovin', it means a lot!

  3. 50 books is a nice amount! And I always like reading MG, so I hope you can find some gems :D