Monday, December 2, 2013

Disney's Frozen: Book and Movie Review

This past weekend I went to see Disney's Frozen with my sister, my nephew, and step-nephew. I was pretty excited because it was my nephew's second time seeing a movie in a theatre and my first time going with him. I didn't know much about the plot but I had heard good things about the movie and it was really good. The movie is set in Norway and stars two sisters who are princesses. One sister, Anna, has a magic power of turning things into ice. The other sister, Elsa, was hit by her magic as a young girl and was healed but the troll who healed her said she shouldn't be hurt again (especially in the heart) because it would be more difficult to heal her. Anna kept her magic powers hidden from her sister from then on until they opened the castle to the town and everyone saw her magical powers. The best part of the movie is dialogue, whoever wrote the screenplay for this movie was a genius! I also really liked the snowman character, Olaf, and the reindeer, Sven. Olaf is a comical character who is just a warm and fuzzy bundle of joy.

So naturally, after having seen the movie, I went to my local bookstore and bought two books. The first book was titled Disney's Fro\zen Read Along Storybook and CD. This book was fairly cheap ($7.99CAD) and came with a CD that reads the story aloud. I remember growing up and reading stories with cassette tapes (even though CD's were available back then) so seeing this feature brought back a lot of memories. The CD is pretty easy to use and can be put into a computer or a CD player and has clips of the characters saying certain lines from the movie. The story is identical to the movie and is very cute. I plan to use this book in tutoring with my grade two student.

The next book I purchased was for my nephew as a Christmas present and is called Disney's Frozen: Olaf's 1-2-3. This book is hard so that no young kids can rip the pages and is meant for pre-school to Grade 1. The book features the character Olaf counting winter things (he has 1 carrot nose, 2 very happy arms) all the way to 10. My three-year-old nephew knows how to count to 10 but needs practice counting objects and identifying the written number (1, 2, 3 etc...) so this is a perfect gift for him. I can also ask my sister if I can borrow it when I am teaching later down the road.

Overall, I highly recommend these two books for teaching and for home use. These would make great Christmas presents as well. There were several different versions of the Frozen story at my bookstore but I thought the read along book gave me more bang for my buck compared to the hardcover ones available. Also, the Olaf book was geared towards a young audience with simple sentences and counting as the main theme.

Let me know if you enjoyed the Frozen movie, bought any books based on Frozen, or purchased the two books based on my review!

Happy reading!


  1. I really need to see Frozen, I loved Tangled and I hear this was similar in certain ways. Glad you enjoyed the movie, and cute ideas to help kids get into reading!

    Thanks for joining Bloggers Commenting Back!

  2. Hi Alise,
    Yes Frozen was a great movie like Tangled. I highly recommend watching it. I showed the book to some of the kids I work with and they loved them. Thanks for commenting!