Tuesday, November 26, 2013

iPad Application Review: Endless Reader

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I have already stated my love for the iPad Application, Endless Alphabet. This iPad application is great for children beginning their journey as emerging readers. My nephew is three-years-old and has been playing it since he was two-and-a-half. It is thanks to that application that he knows most of the letters in the alphabet. I'm not saying that at 3 he can read or anything but he can identify the letters when you ask him because in the application it says it aloud. To read my review on the Endless Alphabet application, please click here.

To my surprise, the company Originator Inc. came out with another application much like Endless Alphabet but called Endless Reader. Endless Reader is an application that uses the fun of monsters to teach children how to spell sight words (high frequency words that children learn to spell by being exposed to them often). To start the application, there will be an alphabetical list of words inside of a 3-eyed monster mouth and you click one of those words. Once a word is chosen, a bunch of monsters come rushing in to drop off a word and letters get all mixed up. Like a puzzle, you have to drag and drop the letters in the right place to spell the word (much like Endless Alphabet). However, there is still more to the application. Next comes a sentence that uses the sight word and two other sight words which are knocked out of the sentence. It is your job to drag and drop the sights back into the sentence. Finally, the sentence is said aloud and there is a little monster animation to go with it (my nephew watched an animation about eating ALL the cookies over and over again).

This application brought up my main issue with Endless Alphabet, the words were just too big for the age-range the application is suited for. For instance, a word like harvest is not a sight word for kids aged 4-7 but it is one of the words that is used in Endless Alphabet. Now, Endless Reader makes learning sight words fun and engaging. I would definitely recommend parents using this application with their children and I think it would be great in a FDK (full-day kindergarten) classroom or grade 1 and 2.

Let me know if you have tried this application and what you think of it. Are there other applications like this you think I should try with the students I tutor or my nephew?


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