Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guided Reading Groups in Grade 5

Hello there!

Currently, I am volunteering in my Associate Teacher's classroom from last year doing some Grade 5 Guided Reading Groups. Knowing quite a bit about guided reading in the primary level, I am currently learning and creating plans for a junior level guided reading group. I have one group who are reading a Grade 3 level and another group who are reading at a Grade 5 level but need more confidence. So I am going to show you some of what I have been doing with the groups!

So the first resource that I use is the Guided Reading Cover sheet which you can find from Chrissy Beltram's TPT site. The next sheet that I use (mostly for the group reading at a Grade 3 level) is the Guided Reading Planning Sheets by blogger Erica's Ed-Ventures! Each time that I meet with the group, I give the students a different reading strategy and I use the Literacy Cafe strategies which I am familiar with because in two of my placements last year I helped run the Daily Five.

Right now, I am reading PM Benchmark Level H books with the group who reads at a Grade 3 level and with the group that needs a bit more self-confidence, we are reading Matilda! For word work, I have the students play Zap It! but with Grade 5 spelling words.

Let me know any strategies you have for running guided reading groups in the junior grades!


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