Friday, November 29, 2013

Classroom Management Tips: Give Me Five!


Having had a placement in a Full day Kindergarten classroom, I learned very quickly that it is very important to have strong classroom management skills. After researching Classroom Management strategies while on my kindergarten placement, I was pointed in the direction of Barry Bennett's Bumps (this is just a brochure outlining the bumps, I read his textbook that a friend of mine lent to me). I liked that it gave simple instructions on how to deal with bad behaviour. 

Along with the bump system (all of the classes I taught in teacher's college had very few behaviour issues) I needed to really just get the students to listen and participate at carpet time. The first thing I looked up was the Give Me 5 poster on Pinterest, so I created one myself:

I posted this poster beside where I sat in the kindergarten room and reminded the students right away what five things I should see them doing at carpet time (they love to count along with their fingers). Sometimes during a lesson I would have to stop and remind the students of the five and bring their attention back to me and I really liked using this resource.

There are some other techniques that I use for when students are doing free play and I need to get them to clean up:

  • If you can hear me clap your hands once, if you can hear me clap your hands twice, if you can hear me, clap your hands three times.
  • Hands on top, that means stop (right now I am using this in the after school program that I work at and I think I need to try something else).
  • Saying "And the waterfall goes "shhhhhhhhhhh" while waving your hands down like a waterfall
I hope those tips were helpful. I feel that I am still working on my classroom management skills and it is something that I will continue to work on throughout my career working with children. 

Let me know if you have any classroom management techniques that you use when working with children.


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