Sunday, November 24, 2013

Children's Guided Reading Literature Haul

If there is one thing I love to spend my money on, it would be books. I love all kinds of books from fantasy to classics, to young adult fiction, I could spend my whole life just consuming all the books in the world. However, I don't have a whole lot of money having just graduated, so I spend my money on books for the kids I tutor.

Children's literature is the most fun book genre out there. Almost anything can happen. I recently went to my local Chapters bookstore and bought some books to read with the kids I tutor. Now, the kids that I tutor are behind in their reading and I can't just give them any children's book and expect them to be able to read it or even want to read it. What makes my life easier are when books are levelled to help determine what book is suitable for the child. Although not always accurate (the Doc McStuffins book I bought is a pre-k book but is way too advanced for kindergarten), I can look at the sentences in the books and determine whether they would be too challenging or just the right fit. 

I also purchased a book geared towards 8-12-year-olds by Neil Gaiman titled Fortunately, The Milk. What attracted me to this book was the illustrations and fantasy element to the novel. I think I will do a book review on this blog of the book when I have read it. I have read and can recommend a lot of Young Adult fiction but I have stopped reading children's novels. I noticed last year that I couldn't recommend much other than Harry Potter and Roald Dahl.

Here is the book haul that I purchased. The Doc McStuffins book has pictures within the sentences which I really find helpful the child.

I would love to know where to buy the PM benchmark books that the students use in the schools but I have yet to find them in the bookstore.

If you tutor or do guided reading with students, let me know what books you use. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. I would love to find new books to read with the kids I work with.


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