Wednesday, September 25, 2013

After School Program

It has been awhile since I last posted. I am very sorry for the delay in posting. Since last year I have completed both a placement in an early learning kindergarten class and a combined grade 4/5 class. I learned a lot from both placements. My final, alternative placement was completing anti-homophobia workshops throughout a school board which was also very interesting.

I am now currently working at an after school program Monday-Friday. The program is located at an elementary school within the city I live (finally, a local connection) and I am really enjoying it.

The main focus of the after school program is physical activity and healthy living. We play a lot of games and that is fun but sometimes participation can be low (they have had a full day of school and want free time) and to get the kids active, I will use music. I love when kids get excited to dance and play games to music but I am always looking for good quality children's music.

If you were to ask me to put a playlist together for a party for adults I would have no problem but when it comes to music for kids 6-12, there is not much out there. I find the music from The Wiggles is too babyish and music that provides learning (The Gingerbread man song) seems lame and silly to the kids. I don't have access to a SMART board or else I would use some YouTube videos to help us out. I have come up with a pretty good list but I know the kids will get board of these:

  • The Cha-Cha slide (they really like this one)
  • The Macarena
  • Witch Doctor: Ooh Eeh Ooh Ahh Ahh
  • Limbo Rock
  • Clean up Robot
  • Chicken Dance
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
I feel that because it is children's music, people are less focused on creating quality music and just focus on creating music for kids. I think all children deserve good quality music, tv programming, and especially books. 

Which songs do you recommend when working with children?

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