Monday, April 22, 2013

Closing Statement

I am currently wrapping up my year in the faculty of education by creating my Teaching Portfolio and with my portfolio comes a mock interview with my faculty advisor. At the end of my mock interview I will be asked to provide a closing statement on why a school board should hire me and this is what I have come up with:

Closing Statement:

I did not stumble randomly into teaching, I have had a clear goal since leaving elementary school and that was to become a teacher so that I could make sure that no student of mine would have had the not-so-good experiences that I had in school. The goal has always been clear but the road to achieving that goal has been bumpy. I have faced a lot of adversity in  becoming a teacher and instead of giving up, I became more dedicated. I might be the most outgoing or enthusiastic person you will interview today but I can tell you that I am the most dedicated and passionate. The most important highlight of my teaching career so far has been my creation of a unit on bullying for a grade 4/5 class that I was able to teach. This unit was cross-curricular with drama, visual arts, writing, and oral communication and involved the students writing plays on anti-bullying and creating a sock puppet show with those plays. This unit allowed me to help create an inclusive classroom environment all the while enticing my passion of having no student feeling that they are alone or unwanted in the classroom. If you want to hire a dedicated and compassionate teacher, you will hire me.


Any thoughts or opinions on my closing statement would be appreciated.