Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Break and Innocence

August seems like a decade ago, it feels like I have known my peers for much longer. However, I am officially on winter break which means three glorious weeks of sleeping in without an alarm to wake me up, or as I like to call it, paradise!

With one of the busiest weeks so far behind me, I can finally breathe! My plan book from my initial placement has been marked and I did phenomenal! My science/social studies resource (a story book on Ancient Greece, illustrated and written by yours truly) has been submitted, and my theory to practice paper has also been handed in.

I have one day left of my Tutoring Placement (I missed a day for being sick) and then I can organize my tutoring binder which is due after the break. I also have to begin my art assignment which I will be scrapbooking my nephew, very difficult work ahead of me.

What I have enjoyed most about the last few weeks is seeing and hearing the ideas that my peers have come up with. For the science/social studies resource, a friend of mine wrote and recorded a song about Pluto being classified as a dwarf planet, another classmate of mine wrote and illustrated the cutest story ever about a bear and caterpillar throughout the seasons! Seeing the creativity that my classmates have just shows me how passionate we all are about teaching.

The events that occurred in Newtown Connecticut tugged at my heartstrings. As teachers, we don't go into our jobs with the idea that people want to harm our students, we go into it with the idea that children are the most innocent beings on Earth and they deserve the best. I cannot imagine what the teachers in Newtown went through yesterday but I can honestly say that they are some of the bravest teachers. The whole community will never be the same and it breaks my heart. I read a story about Victoria Soto, a Grade 1 teacher who hid her students in the closet and protected them while taking the bullets from the gunman. As a teacher, I hope to care about my students with as much passion and bravery as Victoria Soto did.

It still terrifies me, the pictures of those students walking out of the school with their eyes closed. The pure terror on their faces. No child should ever be faced with such tragedy.

This holiday will be less about presents for me and will be more about spending time with those who I love. My little nephew who is only two years-old will be getting plenty of hugs (like he doesn't already) from me this holiday.

P. S.
Kindergarten for the first half of my 10 week placement! Excited for a new adventure in February!!


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