Wednesday, November 28, 2012


One of the most easy and yet annoying things one will find in teachers college is the amount of reflecting they have to do. As a teacher candidate, you are asked to reflect upon your teaching, lesson planning, and on your own personal experiences. Reflecting can be a big pain because a lot of the times you are just scrambling for what to say.

Reflecting can also open up a huge awakening in one's teaching career. The more creative the reflecting prompt, the more interesting things can be. For instance, in my sociocultural perspectives class, we had to write about our relationship with the environment as if they were our lover. I found this activity to be extremely engaging and eye opening. I learned a lot about myself and enjoyed sharing my writing with the class.

Also, in my socioculutral perspectives class we have an assignment were we have to reflect on a time in our education that was difficult and how we can use that time to help us become better educators. We have been given the creative option of portraying this reflection in a paper, video, slideshow, poem etc... I am looking forward to this because my experiences are something that I have pushed to the back of my mind. I don't talk about being bullied, I don't think about how I was bullied, and I even go as far as to deny that I ever was bullied. My experiences are buried deep in a treasure chest that I hope to never have opened. Whenever I come into contact with someone I went to elementary school with I am constantly worried about them sharing my secrets with my friends, revealing stuff I have kept hidden. I feel that this assignment will help to uncover those times that I have buried deep within me and reflect on how those times pushed me to apply to the Faculty of Education. I didn't include these secrets in my application nor do I talk about them with my colleagues.

Sure, reflecting can be monotonous and boring (especially in one's plan book from my initial placement) but I feel that it is still a good practice to get in the habit of doing. One day, when I am teaching my own class, I want to be able to have my past experiences influencing my teaching.

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