Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tutoring Placement

Welcome to the beginning of Week just 5 short days I will be halfway done my first semester. I am hoping it goes by really quick because I want to teach.

As part of the program, our first placement is actually a tutoring placement for students who are at a lower level of reading (usually a level 2). I have two students who are both boys in grade 2.

The first week was just a get to know you week. I made up mad-libs which look like:

Both boys filled them out and then we went on to drawing maps of things they like. After that we read The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. The first boy didn't want to make a paper bag prince as he didn't think his father would want him to bring it home but the second boy was really into it. He made a paper bag puppet of himself and we talked about how it shouldn't matter what someone wears, it is whether they are doing good things that matters.

The second day was again, a get to know you day in which we read Where the Wild Things Are and discussed how the pictures on the pages go from a small picture to covering both pages and then back to a small illustration on the page. We also did a reading survey in which I brought stickers, hoping they would answer with putting stickers down on the "yes" or "no" blocks. The stickers were of Toy Story but both the boys didn't like Toy Story. I just let them pick out the colour of markers they wanted to use.

I am hoping next week to engage them more. They like comics and so I brought Chick-a-Dee magazine which has comics for them to read. We are also going to start a sight word dictionary as well.
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