Friday, September 7, 2012

Group Projects

With the second week of class behind me, I have come to the conclusion that group projects are a pain. I understand that teaching is a collaborative effort and that group projects are necessary to give everyone a fair chance at lesson planning etc... but I still don't have to like doing them.

First of all, some group projects can work perfectly because some people you are with for most of your classes but other group projects can be a total disaster. Take my Phys Ed project: I was randomly asked to be in a group with some students who I didn't know and hadn't seen in any of my classes. We did not have the assignment (and technically still don't) but I guess they were keen to get started. I received an e-mail a few days ago about a meeting that I could not make because of the times they has given me (I was in class). So they met and e-mailed me with what they had planned along with another meeting which I could not make because I was in class again. At the end of the e-mail the girl basically told me that if I could not make the second meeting, I might want to think about getting a new group. So now I am back at the beginning to find myself a new group because my schedule wasn't being accommodated.

The Phys Ed. example is an exact reason why I dislike group projects. Everyone has different schedules and not everyone is nice and accommodating. Despite the fact that assigned groups can be frustrating, I think I would rather the professor just assign groups and you have to deal with who is in your group. It eliminates a fair bit of conflict that prevents students from feeling left out. I think as a teacher, I will assign at least half the group projects that I give out and the other half the students can choose. I feel like that is a fair compromise.

Anyways, I have some reading to finish and some preparation for next week to do. Let me know your thoughts on group projects in the comments. I love to hear from you. Also, I start my literacy tutoring on Wednesday! I will blog about that (while staying tactfully confidential) next week.

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