Friday, August 31, 2012

Teacher's College: The First Week

Well that went by quick! It seems like just yesterday I was worried out of my mind but alas, it has been a whole five days!

The first week of teacher's college is a busy one. First, I had to wake up early (5:00am to be exact) to arrive at my friend's house at 6:30 am. Right away I knew it was going to be a good set up carpooling with these girls. They are so funny and I really look forward to commuting (good friends makes all of the difference).
Upon arrival at the school it was really good to have a friend who was used to that campus to show us the ropes. I got to my first class where I sat with a lady I knew from Trent in Oshawa. I really enjoyed my law & ethics class. I then had physical education which was a bummer but I will get it done first semester (which is only 8 weeks in Teacher's college).

I got to eat lunch with my carpooling friends (who are all in Intermediate/Senior and I am in Primary/Junior). Probably the worst thing about that day was having to wait for the mandatory lecture at 7pm which made our day extra long.
On the Tuesday my friends and I had a three-four hour gap where we went to the free zoo just beside our school where we ate our lunch by the river. I kept thing, "If I had gotten into the school I originally wanted, I would not be able to spend my lunches like this."

The rest of the week went by pretty much in the same fashion. I did find it difficult to make friends in my classes which was somewhat new to me. At times I felt left out and uncertain but for the most part I really enjoyed myself. On my last two days (Thursday was my last day and then Friday we had to attend a mandatory workshop) I met two ladies who seemed nice and were in some of my classes.

I'm hoping I will get to know more people as time goes on. I'm really nervous about all of the group projects we have.

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