Sunday, August 26, 2012

Starting Teacher's College

I start teacher’s college tomorrow (Monday August 27, 2012). This is the day I have been waiting for since beginning university and yet, something is holding me back. The excitement I want to feel is there but it is clouded by uncertainty.

I didn’t feel this nervous and uncertain when beginning university which seems strange because university seems like a much bigger step than teacher’s college. After all, I had never stepped foot in a lecture before starting university and yet teacher’s college is the same as university and I have four years of experience now under my belt.

Unfortunately, teacher’s college is different. I have four placements (3 + one on one tutoring) and I will be commuting to a campus everyday for class. I feel like I was very spoiled at Trent in Oshawa where it was a 7 minute drive to the UOIT campus and a 5 minute drive to the new campus. Now it is over an hour’s drive and much earlier start times. I only one 8:30 am class in my entire four years of my undergraduate degree and I barely made it to that class. I now have 2 8 am classes and the day’s that I don’t, I still have to be up early to catch the bus.

I will also be relying other people. Commuting and carpooling along with more group work than I have ever had to do is a lot to adjust to.

There is also the uncertainty of a job afterwards. During my placements will my teacher’s like me, will the students like me, will I be a good teacher? All of these things I have never had to worry about until now. Do I have it in me to be the best teacher I can be? I hope so because I really love kids and learning and literacy.

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